alemlube Chassis lubrication systems

Installing an Alemlube Chassis Lubrication System provides multiple benefits to your truck.

Automatic lubrication systems reduce maintenance time by utilising small amounts of fresh lubricant that are added every hour of operation, ensuring that contaminants are kept well clear of bearings and other key components thanks to a collar of fresh grease. This way, wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum and mechanical components can achieve their maximum life. On top of that, equipment can be kept in production longer, saving precious maintenance resources for more important jobs.

With hand greasing of key parts, namely shackle pin and king pin, expected life was 600,000km and 1,200,000km respectively. With installation of an Alemlube Beka-Max system, and the ability to use heavy duty #2 greases there is a major reduction in wear and tear – virtually to zero. The fleet operator now fully expects the shackle pins and king pins to last the full working life of the truck. No downtime or parts costs.

When the costs of manual greasing and the additional costs of sourcing liquid greases are taken into account, Beka-Max is shown to be by far the most cost effective lubrication method.

Other advantages of the Beka Max system include the fact that the reservoir needs topping up only fortnightly and occasional broken lines are easily repaired on the spot with tube unions and compression fittings.

Key Points:

For more information, download the Alemlube brichure here.